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The Highlands Ability Battery will help you choose college majors and careers with confidence

Objective, Proprietary Online Assessment

Understand your problem solving style, how you approach tasks, time and more and what that looks like in a work environment.

Comprehensive Virtual Feedback

Integrating results with college major and career options to create next steps

You Can:

  • Know the best college major to choose

  • Know how to use your best learning strategies

  • Have a sense of satisfaction and meaning in your work

  • Make meaningful decisions that align with your natural abilities,  interests, values and goals

It’s possible with the Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective, evidence-based assessment of natural abilities.  It is backed by 80 years of continuous research.  Different from a personality or interest assessment, and different from assessing skills, the Highlands Ability Battery consists of objective work samples that are performed under a time constraint.  This provides an accurate measurement of abilities that come naturally.

Young Businesswomen

What you will discover

  • How you best interact with tasks

  • How you relate best to people

  • The way you approach and process problems

  • Your best learning strategies

  • Potential specialized abilities


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Making a wise invesment

Once you have completed the HAB and received your reports, you will have an opportunity to deeply process your results. During your debrief you will be guided through a discussion that includes a detailed explanation of your specific results as well as other key factors that impact life decisions.  Using the Whole Person Model you will be able to integrate the meaningful areas of life with your natural abilities. It will create a focused lens to look through when assessing all the possibilities and help to clarify the many options presented so you can make the best decision.


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