Understand Your 4 Key Dimensions

One of the great benefits of the Highlands Ability Battery is the work done to provide you with an understanding of how the abilities work together in the real world.  After all, we are whole people and each situation we are in is employing multiple abilities and skills.  The 4 Key Dimension report takes four important areas of life and gives you an overview of how your results work in those areas.  This further helps you to maximize your results.


The 4 key areas are: Work Environment, Learning Strategies, Problem-Solving and Communication.


Work Environment

What work environment do you thrive in?  Are you energized working in groups or do you prefer working independently?  Do you enjoy having a big picture and moving from one task to the next or do you work best with one task at a time? Can you easily work in a fast-paced environment or do you work better with more time to focus? 

Learning Strategies

Your specialized abilities reveal how you take in new information.  This translates directly into how you learn best.  Do you remember what you hear, see, or read?  Do you learn best by doing?  Once you understand how you learn you can develop helpful strategies that you can apply to any learning environment whether at school or work or even hobbies.


Life is full of problems to solve.  Do you have a Diagnostic, Analytical, Experiential or Consultative problem-solving style? How do you think through an issue?  Are you methodical, do you go with your gut, do you find arriving at conclusions easy?  How well can you explain your decisions to other. Understanding this Key Dimension gives you an advantage in finding your best work environment.


This key dimension is also influenced by a number of abilities. Maybe you think of Introvert vs. Extrovert, that certainly plays a role. Other abilities also contribute to the way we communicate. How patient are you?  How detailed are your explanations? Do you provide examples, multiple examples?  Considering we communicate every day, understanding your communication preferences gives you another tool to use to evaluate decisions about your future.

Let’s work together to gain a deep understanding of what these Four Key Dimensions mean for you!