My name is Susan and welcome to  TRUE YOU

My passion is to help you find your personal lens so that you can make decisions about your future that are meaningful, satisfying and align with what’s important to you. This happens when you understand your natural abilities and consider them with other key areas of life presented in the Whole Person Model.

A little about my journey to my personal lens.  I graduated from college with a Business degree and began working in marketing.  Specifically, I worked for shopping centers in their marketing departments in the D.C. metro area. In the late 1980’s, I had an opportunity to start a company and partnered with a display artist and we launched our display/design business designing and installing holiday and event displays for shopping malls.  In the early 90’s I was looking for a change but wasn’t sure what I was looking for.  That’s when I heard about aptitude testing. The results of that test opened my eyes to exactly what I enjoyed about my different jobs and why.  I also understood what wasn’t necessarily sitting well.  While I had enjoyed my jobs, I now understood that working with people and solving problems was what I really enjoyed and where I truly thrived.  

As it happened at that time I got married and soon we began our family.  I worked part-time intermittently but was blessed to be able to focus on raising my two sons. Once the boys were in school, I spent time volunteering at several community organizations. My position at each of these organization was working with a person or a family to offer some type of meaningful help. I found these experiences exhilarating and fulfilling.

When the boys were in high school and thoughts of colleges and careers started taking shape, I was excited for them to have the advantage of understanding their natural abilities to help them make meaningful decisions. Aptitude testing made a valuable difference in choosing the direction each one would take.  (See Matt and Joe on stories page) I also made a point to encourage my niece, nephew, sister and many friends to take advantage of aptitude testing.  I actually sat in on the debriefs for many of these.  Learning the meaning of the aptitudes and seeing the connections in the people affected me deeply.


Once my kids were situated, it was time for me to evaluate my own results again.  Some of my aptitudes include; working directly with people and ideas, solving problems and articulating solutions. I have a personal value for helping people, and a passion for the value of ability testing. I researched aptitude testing and discovered the many benefits of the Highlands Company's program. Having completed their training program I am a Certified Consultant administering the Highlands Ability Battery.


The Highlands Ability Battery has many advantages; online testing for flexibility, research that combines aptitudes into meaningful patterns and relates them specifically to careers, and the ability to serve groups.


I am excited about the opportunity to bring the Highlands Ability Battery to people ready to discover their personal lens and make meaningful decisions for their future.


Join me and together, with the Highlands Ability Battery, we will discover the TRUE YOU.