Make The Right Investment
Now is the time to take a moment and invest in understanding how to make a great decision about the future.
As a parent you have invested a lot in your student.  Now you can provide your student with an important tool to empower them to make great decisions for their own future.
Making great decisions is about having the right information at hand.
What we will do
  • Objectively test for natural abilities
  • Personal debrief
  • Examine values and interests
  • Understand skills and how they are different from abilities  
  • Provide multiple specific careers to examine
Their ability patterns will correlate to a number of industries and specific job fields within those industries.  The report, when viewed online, provides direct links to information regarding each of these choices.  This gives them tools they can use to research these options to find the best fit. 
The personal debrief is where the abilities are integrated with the Whole Person Model.  Questions are answered and possibilities explored. Your student will discover a personal lens to use when looking out into the world at all the choices.  It narrows the focus to help them understand where and how they fit. 
Understanding natural abilities does not provide one job title or college provides the how and why they fit into many options available to them. 

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This is the time of life for self discovery.  The Highlands Ability Battery ensures that what they discover is meaningful and translates to making solid decisions about their future.  The Confidential report coupled with the Career Exploration Supplement are tools your student can refer to for years to come.