Stories of Success
Joe's Story
Joe always seemed to enjoy math.  In 9th grade he had an opportunity to participate in a great hands-on internship with an engineering firm.  He loved it and decided then he wanted to be an engineer.  His class choices and grades throughout high school further supported that decision.  Seemed easy, however, we discovered that the engineering field is vast with multiple specialties.  Taking an aptitude assessment helped Joe better understand his natural abilities, which allowed him to bring into focus the specific type of engineering that would suit him and, more importantly, what role within that field he would most thrive in.  Now studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, Joe understands that he works best when he can both have ownership of a project and work independently then bring that work to a team to share and collaborate about a larger project.  He can organize and communicate his thoughts well and provides a connection between strong introverts and strong extroverts.  For now, he also has an understanding of how to approach studying that serves him best.
Matt's Story
Matt did not enjoy high school.  At least not the classroom part.  As a parent who believes her son is very bright, this can be challenging!  Finding out what was impacting his experience was vital.  Looking at possibilities such as, social environment and learning issues there didn’t seem to be a great reason…he just didn’t like it and didn’t put that much into it.  Very hard as a parent!  We had Matthew take an aptitude assessment and learned that he has many strong ability combinations to work with.  It was all about learning environment and passion for him.  Matthew’s aptitude assessment showed that he struggled not with learning per se, but with a traditional classroom setting.  In addition, we learned that he had an aptitude for theoretical thinking, working with his hands and strong music abilities.  Well, the very hard decision for us as parents was for Matthew not to go the regular college route.  Instead he attended a small school offering a recording arts and sound engineering program.  Well…Matthew became a different person.  Enthusiastically attending class and learning everything he could.  Many of the classes were hands on with the sound boards and music software packages which suited his aptitudes.  After graduating, he began work in a studio.  Now he has devoted himself to learning online about the music business, social media marketing, has set up 2 businesses online and is working with a producer in LA creating electronic music for artists in the industry.  In addition, we see all types of creativity coming out of him that translates to other types of businesses, such as branding, video production, and web design…all because he is using his natural abilities and pursuing what he is passionate about.

What People Say About The Highlands Ability Battery

  • “I have taken a lot of assessments, which are all good for different things. The Highlands is the most comprehensive and speaks to a lot of different areas of leadership and teamwork.”

  • “I took the Highlands Ability Battery to learn more about myself, to become a more well-rounded individual, to be more productive at work, to be a better wife, to be a better mother, and to be a better friend.”

  • “I put all this time into getting a degree in a career field and then realized it’s not what I want to do. That’s a hard place to be. Then I took the Highlands and it gave me reassurance that I had all these other options to choose from.”

  • “The HAB isn’t something you can bluff your way through. It’s measurable and to me the objectivity of it makes it very powerful. The depth that the Highlands provides is extraordinary.”

  • “It’s not like anything else that I’ve ever taken, and I think that that’s a great thing. The HAB gives you a lot more information than a lot of the other tests out there.”

  • “I am very glad I took the assessment and have recommended it to several people. The one-on-one was excellent and very much appreciated. “

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