Make The Right Decision

MANY choices…but what’s going to be right for you into the future?

What if your choices were clearer?

Maybe you are in the process of choosing a major or maybe you’ve chosen one and now you’re not sure. The sooner you choose the right major the more productive your investment of time and resources will be.

Take a moment and invest in understanding your natural abilities

With comprehensive reports and a personal debrief you will discover:

  • Learning strategies for school and beyond

  • Your reasoning and problem-solving abilities 

  • How you relate best to people and tasks

  • A way to communicate your strengths

  • How your natural abilities work in the real world

  • How to make a meaningful decision about your future

Using your natural abilities provides a high level of satisfaction and

takes less energy to do your best.

Using the Highlands Ability Battery, we will begin by assessing your natural abilities. 
The Confidential Report will explain the results for each of the abilities.  Your abilities are then combined to create patterns related to specific job tasks.  You will have many choices presented to you in our Career Exploration report.  When viewed online, these choices are linked to related information about educational paths, salary, other skills needed, and everything you need to know to begin to narrow the field.
During your personal debrief we can dig a little deeper using the While Person Model to integrate meaningful areas of life with your abilities to create your personal lens to use to confidently make decisions about your future.

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Now is the time to look through your own personal lens and discover