What Are Natural Abilities

Each person has a set of abilities that make certain interactions and tasks happen more easily and with less energy spent or even providing energy.  Having a career that takes advantage of natural abilities provides satisfaction, is less exhausting, and more productive than working without them or against them.  Working outside of your abilities is possible - you can even be successful - but it will require considerably more energy.  This can impact other areas of your life creating a work/life imbalance and leaving you feeling drained. Discovering your natural abilities provides an understanding of what comes easily to you and highlights a place to begin your decision making process.

Abilities are different from interests, skills or values
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Interests (what's important or meaningful outside of you). What are you drawn to, what excites you?  Considering what your interests are will help direct where you want to use your abilities.  An interest assessment can add value to understanding what to pursue with your natural abilities.

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Values (what's important and meaningful inside of you).  Your personal compass of right and wrong and what gives you meaning on the inside can be a powerful determinant of long term satisfaction when making decisions about your future.
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Skills (a learned task or method). Taking into account natural abilities is the best starting place.  There will always be skills that need to be added.  Understanding and working with your abilities first provides the motivation needed to work on a skill.  Perhaps mastering a software package or continuing education of some sort will be worth the effort when natural abilities have been aligned.
Four Key Dimensions
Your abilities applied to life
The Abilities
Learn about each ability

Using your natural abilities, we will then apply the Whole Person Model to integrate all the meaningful areas of your life to create your personal lens and find the


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