What is the

Highlands Ability Battery


​The HAB objectively measures natural abilities with timed work samples. This is different from other types of assessments where one agrees or disagrees with a statement which can change over time. It is also not an I.Q. test and does not measure skills. The value and uniqueness of assessing abilities lies in the work samples which are objective tasks you perform with a time constraint. This provides an accurate measurement of something a person does naturally. 

Decisions made based on your natural abilities result in a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment.  

The Highlands Ability Battery is a proprietary and comprehensive assessment that is administered online. This provides the most flexibility for you. The assessment takes about 3-4 hours and allows for breaks.  The tech team is available if needed to ensure a smooth process.
There are 19 samples total, including one self-report and a vocabulary component. 
Work Sample For Classification Ability
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Image courtesy of The Highlands Company; highlandsco.com

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Problem-solving or reasoning ability

Classification refers to the ability to solve problems diagnostically,  for taking seemingly unrelated information and pulling it together.  Inductive thinking, non-verbal problem solving.

A high score indicates that you likely make connections and draw conclusions quickly.  Also, preferring a fast paced environment with lots of problems to solve. 
A low score indicates a more patient approach and a preference for a structured environment.
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Timed work samples assess performance 

What you will learn:

Personal Style  –

This includes the abilities of Specialist/Generalist, Introvert/Extrovert and Time Frame. Working together these abilities reveal how you relate to tasks and people around you. You will understand the type of environment you thrive in. Learn More


Driving Abilities

This includes the abilities of Classification, Concept Organization, Idea Productivity, Spacial Relations Theory and Spatial Relations Visualization. Referred to as driving abilities because whether high or low they are used respectively everyday to process problems and to interact and think about the physical world around you. Particularly when high they need to be considered when making career choices.

Specialized Abilities – your best learning environment and strategy, visual proficiency and whether you have language, creative or musical abilities.  Learn More

The assessment itself is one part of the program. The personal debrief is where the results are explained and a purposeful discussion utilizing the Whole Person Model can be had to process all the information and create meaningful next steps


Image courtesy of The Highlands Company; highlandsco.com


Scoring for the HAB is done using percentile rankings. It's important to understand that the results do not reflect how many right or wrong answers there are. Your scores in these different areas will be relatively high, medium, or low in comparison to the tens of thousands of people who have taken the HAB before you. A high score does not equate to good and a low score to being bad or less. There are important careers that require abilities at all levels. The advantage you will have is to know where your abilities can be used best so that you can thrive.


The Highlands Ability Battery is based on research established by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation beginning in 1922. The Highlands Company was established in 1992 and continues to research natural abilities.  As part of continuing research and development the Highlands Company is the first to administer this comprehensive assessment online.  The Highlands Company continues to pursue reliability and validity through research. Technical Report