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The Highlands Ability Battery provides:

comprehensive results  -  unique reports  -  personal attention

to ensure that your goals are achieved. 

Once you've completed your HAB you will have access to your reports. The reports are comprehensive as well as interactive. Your next step will be to have your debrief where each ability will be explained and your personal combinations will be related to real life.  We will look at the Whole Person Model and create your next steps.

Your first report, the Confidential Report, will include each ability and an explanation of your score. This also includes the Four Key Dimensions report that explores how your abilities work together in four specific areas.

The second report is the Career Exploration Report.  For this report, researchers at the Highlands Company have further combined abilities that work together to create patterns.  Those patterns are then linked to many career fields and jobs on O*NET online.  This provides a detailed look at the many options available including; academic path, salary, location and more.  Click on the jobs at the end of the report for a full demonstration.
NEW in 2020, our Career Exploration report has added additional career matching with our Person-to-Occupation Fit programming which includes a deeper connection and matching with O*NET as well as multiple sorting options. In addition, relevant interest scores are matched with careers for a deeper understanding of a good fit.

Four Key Dimensions

Your abilities work together

Additionally, students receive a Learning Strategies Report that outlines their aptitudes specifically related to learning and strategies for how to use them in school.  This report is compact and combines information from the other two reports in an easy to use format that students can use immediately to help them navigate their studies. 

Most importantly, your comprehensive Personal Debrief to walk you through the reports step by step to explain, answer questions and integrate your results with your Whole Person. Here you will learn how and where you thrive best.  In addition, you will have an understanding of how others around you function differently and strategies for working well with anyone.

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